Photo ratings

We've just added a neat little feature that rates photos based on the composition, sharpness, exposure and overall aesthetics. It's fully automated, so don't get it 100% seriously. But it is a great source of tips on how to improve your photography. This is a Hero exclusive feature.

Auto-tagging tests

We've enabled auto-tagging photos for all Hero users. In fact, if you're a tookapic Hero, you can now opt-in all beta tests of the new features. We've turned that option on by default. You can turn it off on your settings page.

How does auto-tagging work?

We use some advanced AI that analyses your photo and tags it with the best keywords it finds. You don't need to do anything to turn the auto tagging on. It should just work. Tags assigned by AI might appear with a short delay up to couple of minutes.

The more photos are being tagged, the better the AI gets. So it might use some weird tags at first, but it'll get better over time. From what we tested it's already pretty smart.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions - use the contact widget in the bottom right corner of the site. Enjoy!

Liked photos on the first glance

I don't know abou you, but I often wanted to like the same photo twice. Now, you can see which photo you've already liked just by scrolling the home page. No need to mouse over the thumbnail.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely tookapic will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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